From Boston to New York City

I was in Boston for four days, but I didn’t have internet, so I couldn’t post anything here.

I was in a nice big hotel, but some things, like the internet were not good. Neither was the tv. When I checked in, they said I didn’t have a reservation, it was canceled! I didn’t cancel it and neither did, so what was up with that? They lady at the front desk told me not to worry, she would take care of it and she reinstated my reservation, but it appeared to be more than what I was paying with I wasn’t gonna argue, so I just accepted it, stewed for days, and decided to dispute it after I got home, but when I checked out this morning, the bill was actually hundreds of dollars cheaper than originally set with!

As the saying goes, 90% of what we worry about, never comes to pass. So I checked out happy.

I took the train down to New York. It’s been cold today in Boston and New York. I noticed in Boston that almost everyone wears masks out of doors, I figured out that it keeps you very warm, and that must be the case, although in New York, people don’t seem to wear masks outside. They are strict with vaccine checks at indoor restaurants though. And of course, in Florida, anything goes, or basically, nothing goes – no rules, just rights.

I was just at a Starbucks in NYC and the girl was mopping the floor and then she made my coffee. I didn’t drink it.

In Boston, every single Starbucks made the best cafe mocha that I’ve ever had. Everywhere else it varies, but in Boston, every location made it delicious and perfect and a way I never had before – almost like a hot chocolate with some coffee added. Delicious.

I’m going to Wicked today – for the fifth time! I’ve been twice already in NY, once in Miami and once in Ft. Lauderdale. One of my friends bought the tickets and I agreed to go. It’s worth seeing again.

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