Out and about NY

Been doing a lot in NY. Too busy to blog.

Went to the Macy’s parade on Thursday, then did our usual family thing for Thanksgiving.

It’s been a cold week, but I’m managing. Did my usual – Union Square, The MET, been out eating and drinking with everyone. Saw Wicked again! 5th time!

I have my favorite view of the Empire State Building again, which is a different color every night this time of year.

Did the Southampton Christmas parade and tree lighting again. I’ll post another thing about that in a day or so.

I’ve taken up drinking again. I stopped for no reason other than I didn’t like the taste after so many years, but I’m back. It’s weird because my friend Michael, who never drinks unless he is with me sort of got me into it, he was the influence. But the weird part is that I never drink, so not sure how I am an influence on him, but we are now influences on each other.

Not a lot – a drink or two when out. So it’s not a mess like when I was younger. We both control it, we aren’t sloppy drunks and have a drink or two when out. That’s it.

I’m trying to bring 7&7’s back. I started in the summer at Oakland’s in The Hamptons and have taken it around the city. So far, not many people know what it is. I have to substitute things like Royal Crown or Sprite, but people are learning. I’m bringing back this classic one drink at a time.

Yesterday at Sunday’s a bar/restaurant in The Hamptons, the bartender knew it! I think he made a comment about not serving it since 1978, but he got it right!

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