Making cartoons out of everyday sayings

People always ask me where I get my ideas from. I don’t know really, they just pop into my head. But many come from actual events or sentences or sayings.

For instance these three cartoons are actual things that I heard. Normal things that I just put with a funny image.

If you live in Florida, you know it’s a common thing to see alligators all over the place – many times on golf courses. And this or something close to this is something you would hear someone say.

This “resting my eyes” we’ve probably heard many times when someone is lying down and rather than say they are sleeping, they say they are resting their eyes. I heard someone on tv say they were resting their eyes, and this came to mind. So in this case, it was just a matter of making it the Frankenstein Monster and his wife. I made her have Lily Munster’s hair rather than the usual big hair with the shock of white. This could have easily been Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, too, by the way.

This one always makes me crack up because I have a mole on my head. You know, a sunspot type thing. And I called the dermatologist’s office one day and made an appointment to have it looked at. When the receptionist on the phone asked what I was coming in for, I said, “I have a mole on my head,” and we both burst out laughing, and of course this cartoon came from that.

Just a few instances when everyday life turned into cartoons.

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