Getting art (and comics) done


I posted this on Instagram, I had seen it somewhere online. It’s true. It reminds me of comics and comic strips, they need to be pumped out every day, almost like an assembly line in order to meet deadlines. But even though they are “pumped out,” they are still art.

I am still waiting for a certain platform to be completed so that I can start posting daily comics. They delay is killing me, but I am getting a backlog of comics done, so at least I’ll be able to meet those daily deadlines when the time comes. So like Andy Warhol says, “get the art done.” I am doing that. I’m just not getting them published!

I had hoped for a start date of January 1, it’s already past April 1, hopefully I’ll get things going by May 1! Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

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