Warhol estates sues over Prince image

warhol2Speaking of Andy Warhol (see the post below), I saw in the New York Daily News that the estate of Andy Warhol is suing a photographer before the photographer sues the Warhold estate.

Seems that in 1981, Warhol allegedly swipped an image of Prince and made it into a Warhol painting. Didn’t he do that often? I know he mostly took polaroids of people and then had them blown up and silk screened the image into usually four images, all the same but with different color schemes.

I read in the Andy Warhol Diaries that celebs would want their “portraits” done and Andy would try to sell them in foursomes, rather than twosomes, which many celebs wanted. If I remember right, they were $25,000 for each image, so of course, he would want to sell them as a foursome. All silk screened work – nice work if you can get it!


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