The Lyceum Theatre

lyceumI love this picture. It was taken in 1917. You can see the Lyceum Theatre sort of at the center, see it, next to the Loews sign? I was at a play at that exact theater last summer, 99 years later! We saw Jesse Tyler Ferguson in “Fully Committed,” a one man play.

I had a couple of premonitions that night. Stupid, but they played out as I described.

Before the play started, I told my cousin, who was seated next to me that the guy seated next to me would have his phone ring during the play. And it did. The only phone to ring! Jesse looked at the guy from the stage and made a joke of it, even though he was annoyed, but right on cue, the guy’s phone rang.

I also said something about spitting would happen. I wasn’t sure what, but I saw in my head that Jesse would spit on the stage or the audience. By accident. And he did. He talked so much during the play that at one point he just spat. Right onto the front row! He laughed about it and played it off, but it happened.

Now if I could only get a premonition about tonight’s lottery numbers!


This is the Lyceum Theatre stage last summer.


The logo game

When I was in my teens and maybe early 20s, I used to design logos. I think I charged $89.00 for a logo. I worked at a community newspaper and they would run the ad for me in the classified section. It was a small black box, about an inch square and it said “Logos” very large and then my phone number. This is before email or I would have put the email address in the ad.

I would prepare a few designs and the person would buy one and I would make it into a black and white contact sheet and that was there logo. No EPS files or PDF files or vector files, just a black and white piece to work from.

In the village where I live, there was a shoe store that had my logo on their window, for so many years. It was called “Coconuts” and the “T” was a palm tree. And every time I passed I was proud to say, “I did that.” That was years ago, ironically, I just ate at that location, it’s a restaurant now.


The whole subject comes up because I read that Pepsi changed their logo from the one on the left to the one on the right. And guess what? They paid $1 million to Arnell Associates to create the new logo for them.

I would say I’m in the wrong business, maybe I should go back to it. It’s like you create logos and if you’re fortunate, you get one huge account, do the job and retire.


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Have you seen the Trumpkins popping up this year? They are jack-o-lanterns made out to be Donald Trump.

The Huffington Post has a great how-to here. But it seems easy, it’s all in the hair. Just put something on top of the pumpkin and call it Trump!

Two favs at NY Comic Con


I saw two favorites at New York Comic Con yesterday – Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek and Stephan Pastis, Pearls Before Swine cartoonist. Stephan was signing books at the GoComics booth and Ms. Nichols downstairs at the autograph section.

I admire Stephan a lot. I interviewed him for my 10 With Tom column once. You can see that here.


If it’s October, it’s Comic Con in NY

It’s ComicCon time again in New York. The Jacob Javits Center was full of pop culture and comics fans. I look forward to it every year. The event runs Thursday through Sunday, always at Columbus Day Weekend.

The event is sold out, but around the convention center you’ll see people selling scalped tickets. I’m not sure if they are legit, so I wouldn’t recommend buying the tickets because the seller could disappear into the city so easily.

One great thing this year is that the #7 subway line now goes as far as the convention center, so it’s easy to get around.



Collecting old Pep cereal pins


I’ve been buying old 1945-46 Kellogg’s PEP cereal comic pinback buttons. I’ve seen them around the internet for very high prices, but I got a good deal on thse. I purchased them one or two at a time. They are quite small as you can see – 13/16″, lithograph print on front with Kellogg’s PEP cereal stamp on the back.

Pep was a brand of whole-wheat breakfast cereal produced by the Kellogg Company, and introduced in 1923.

I got the Pop Jenks from the Harold Teen comic strip and Andy Gump from one guy, he sent me the Pop Jenks instead of the Andy Gump, which I ordered, and when I let him know, he told me to just keep ‘ol Pop, too, rather than send it back. Popeye and Olive came as a set and Superman and Smokey Stover came separately. I am purchasing more as we speak.

moonmullinsI got this Moon Mullins button, too. Just paid for it ($3.99), it’s in the mail on its way!

Someone is selling the whole set, I think 86 pins,  for $799.00. That comes to over $9 a pin but I’m getting them for half that purchasing them one at a time, which sort of makes it more fun and more of a sport, you know, tracking them down one by one.



A PeP cereal ad from the mid-1940s. Pep was the sponsor for “The Adventures of Superman” show on the radio.