I’m in Boston this weekend

I’m in Boston for the next few days and then I’ll take the train down to New York for Thanksgiving week. Nothing better than a long train ride through New England in the fall, only there aren’t many leaves that turned yet, in this area anyway.

The weather was perfect today, 45 degrees and not windy, just right.

I love the history. I found myself on the Freedom Trail. That basically is red bricks on the sidewalks that leads you through the old parts of Boston to historic sites like the Old North Church and Paul Revere’s house among so many other places.

I always find myself in the cemetery up the hill from the church. It’s amazing to think some of those headstones (and bodies) are there untouched from the 1600s.

Tomorrow I will take the subway (they call it the T here) to Cambridge and check out Harvard Square. That always looks like the set of an old Jimmy Stewart to me. Perfect New England setting.

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