The countdown begins

tomversation-may4So I’m excited about the premier of Tomversation tomorrow, May 4th.

I did publish Tomversation years ago and I stopped because a few newspapers were interested in publishing the comic on their daily comics page, I wanted to hold all the fresh content back for them, but they gave me the run around for years. Is this how features editors behave – promise you the world and then string you along?

One editor eventually was fired for sexual harassment, so that ended that after being strung along for many years.

I see it as a good thing – I am not bound to anything and I’m on my own. I noticed that a lot of comics have millions of followers on Instagram. That’s my goal.  I drew comics all weekend and the previous weeks – it helped that we are in self isolation, but I’ve been drawing comics over the years, too, so I have plenty of material.

Anyway, one more time, here are the locations for Tomversation:
Online at my website at

And I may add other locations in the future, I’ll let you know, but I hope you can choose one or all of these places to follow along.

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