Fantastic original Spider-man art


Original Spider-man art by John Romita

I went to the Spider-man exhibit at the Society of Illustrators with my cousin Michael. It consisted of the first ever exhibit of original art by John Romita and some pieces by Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-man with Stan Lee. Two floors are dedicated to the collection of art collector Mike Burkey.

Other aritsts presented include Gil Kane, Todd McFarlane, Ross Andru, Ron Frenz, Keith Pollard, John Buscema, Keith Pollard and John Romita Jr.

There are also rare comic strip pages along with the comic book art. Some fun work was where Spider-man mashed with Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” crew. Two comic icons meeting, done by Romita.

The exhibit is at the Upper East Side gallery until August 26, 2017. The Society is in an unassuming townhouse.


I was excited to see this. I had no idea the exhibit was just a few blocks from my hotel but a friend happened to post this on Facebook saying he wished he was in New York. I was! What a lucky break.

These original comic book pages are true works of art; pop art at it’s best. And valuable. Ditko’s Page 4 from the Amazing Spider-man #33 which is on display has an appraised value of $500,000.00!

The best part was having Michael with me, who is an expert in comic art. He does his own and he knows so much about the subject. As we walked from comic page to comic page, he had a story on each image – the technique, the differences in the pencilers working with different inkers and the stories themselves. It was a treat.

The Society of Illustrators is at 128 E. 63rd Street in Manhattan.

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