I was thrown out of the New York Historical Society

So on my quest to see how the New York City museums work, I went to the New York Historical Society museum on the upper West side. I didn’t pay and I was sort of thrown out. A guard stopped me on the top floor and asked for my proof of payment.

I never had this happen before. I usually don’t wear the paper badge or pin at any of the museums after paying and no one ever stopped me.

To be honest, I have gone to the Historical Society Museum without paying in the past, only once, but it’s so easy to do as they don’t accost you at the door like the rest of the museums. The payment desk is far from the entrance, it’s almost hidden. But be sure that you may be accosted by a nosy guard up on the third or fourth floor.

I told him I would go down to pay, but since I didn’t see the Keith Harring work anywhere, I just left, I’ve seen the other stale exhibits 100 times so it wasn’t worthy paying and staying.

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