Jacomo the Mole and Tombo the Rabbit star in “Paws.”

So I’m back on my “Paws” kick again, you know, my comic strip/panel with Tombo and Jacomo. When I used to publish, I had quite a large following on Instagram and I’ve noticed that similar panels and strips have quite a large following there.

I am considering publishing daily on Instagram, Facebook and hopefully GoComics. I want to see how the GoComics thing goes before I start. I was thinking of maybe the fall, you know, maybe on Labor Day.

I had hoped to publish my Tomversation comic panel starting in January, but a few newspapers contacted me and they were interested in daily publication, but they gave me the run-around for so long that I put off publishing online. It amazes me how selfish newspaper editors can be. I had a few very large dailies interested in the feature and they had me on a string, practically sending me contracts to sign, but then things just stopped in mid-negotiation. I don’t know why. I felt all of a sudden ostracized like Kathy Griffin. I just fell off their radar. It put me back months since I was waiting to start publishing in the newspapers and online at the same time.

Anyway, “Paws” is sort of a mix between Mutts and Krazy Kat. Tombo the Rabbit and Jacomo the Mole are the stars. There are other characters, too, who live in their little village of Coconut Cove.

I’ll keep you posted as things move along.

Dusting off ‘Paws’


Drawing Jacomo.

I am focusing on my Paws comic now. People seem to like Tombo the Rabbit and Jacomo the Mole and they are constantly asking for them. So I will put a bunch of comics together and submit them to the syndicates.

I am using the Surface Pro 3 now, rather than the Wacom Cintiq, which I used in the past. While I like the Cintiq better, I like the all-in-one aspect of the Surface Pro, being able to use it as a computer and a drawing tablet and also, it’s portable and easier to manage.

I transported all my files and I use Manga Studio 4 EX and Photoshop to create on the Surface Pro, just like I did with the Cintiq. I have Manga Studio 5 EX, but I don’t like it for some reason, I think there is just too much on the screen and the brushes confuse me. I’m more comfortable with the 4 EX.

So that’s where I stand on the comics front now. Getting Paws ready for some sort of revival. I had done something or not done something regarding the trademark, so I had to resubmit some files this week. They were accepted and Paws is fully trademarked as a comic strip.