Happy New Year!


I’m looking forward to 2018. I don’t know why, I just feel good about it. For one thing, the numbers add up to 11, which is very good and 18 is very good in Jewish/Hebrew. It’s “Chai,” which means “life.”

I feel and see good things coming for me, us and the country. I get premonitions and I feel strong about this.

I will finally get my new comic strip going and that’s probably the best thing for me right now. Stay tooned.


Happy Thanksgiving!


I will be at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade today, but this photo is from a few years ago. I love the composition. It was at 72nd Street, right from outside Central Park. That is the famous Dakota building behind Snoopy.

What is so cool about this photo is that the next day, I was at the holiday bazaar in Union Square and this guy was selling a drawing of this exact image. I was floored.

I showed him my photo and he asked me to send it to him, he was freaking out like I was. I wish I had purchased the drawing. It was a black and white line drawing and there was the big Snoopy balloon with the Dakota behind it! Spooky Snoopy.

Whoops, I did it again


I was putting up my Christmas tree earlier this week and as usual, I broke an ornament. I guess it’s just not Christmastime unless I break an ornament.

I know, it’s too early to put the tree up but I do it now because I will be out of town until December and this way when I get home in December, I don’t have to deal with the tree at that time. I won’t light it up until December. But it’s done.

I like the way these ornaments look. The red one below is a favorite from a few years ago. I put the copyright on it because I thought I would make a Christmas card out of it, but I never did.