A perfect collaboration


I don’t know if it was meant to be an April Fools joke, but I took it that way seeing today’s Bloom County. I’m not sure where else it is published, but I follow it on Facebook and it comes up in my feed.

Today, Bloom County is called, “Calvin County” and it features Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes.

At first I wondered by Berkeley Breathed did this. Why would he copy Calvin and make him the star of today’s strip. And the drawings of Calvin were so perfect, that I thought he probably traced him.

But if you look at the byline, it gives it away – it’s signed by both Bill Watterson and Berkeley Breathed!

Perfect April Fools day comic.

You can see the full comic here.


The internet has changed cartooning


Cartoonist Dan Rosandich wrote an article called “Cartoonist cost cutting.” I thought it had to do with the supplies. He was writing about the disappearance of paid staff political cartoonists by newspapers and he blames the internet, which of course decimated the whole newspaper business, not just cartoonists.

But in many cases, the internet has allowed many more cartoonsits to flurish and work for themselves and be seen by many more people who might not have seen their work.

Also, regarding art supplies, I don’t remember the last time I was at an art supply store since I do everything digital now. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a pencil!

Dan has a couple of more articles regarding the way the world wide web has affected cartoonist. He is not a happy camper.  But the internet has changed so many professions. I think along with newspapers, retail has to be the biggest, Amazon is taking over the world. Even supermarkets are closing because people shop for food online now!

Some more of my favorite comics

I’m always finding comics that I really like, they just pop up. I think most of them I find on Facebook, where they are posted in comic sites I follow. See? Social media – again, leading the way when it comes to comics.


Man Martin’s Inkwell Forest

Right now I’m loving Man Martin’s Inkwell Forest. Martin Man did the Billy and the Giant Frog comic that I wrote about in the past. I didn’t realize at the time that the Billy comic was a part of the Inkwell Forest comics. Man Martin is doing what I thought would be a good idea – having different comics with different themes under one masthead.


Man Martin’s Inkwell Forest


Man Martin’s Inkwell Forest

You’ve probably seen the Simons’s Cat comics on social media, they are all over the place. They are short cartoons by Simon Tofield. I don’t know if I can post the short films here on the blog, so here is a link to them.


Simon’s Cat

Dunce by Jens K Styve is really good. The drawing and the writing are perfect. I mostly see these on Twitter, but it seems that daily strips are posted at Instagram here. Just seeing the drawings is really enough, it’s beautiful.


Dunce by Jens K. Styve


Dunce comic.

Petri Dish by John Sutton is funny, but I love the drawings very much. Petri Dish centers around the life of Doctor Thaddeus Euphemism, a scientist along Bob, a bobot.I love how the characters don’t have many facial features, yet they are still so expressive.


Why I love social media for comics


A comic I’m working on.

As I get my Tomversation comic panel ready for publication I am back working on getting my social media sites up to par. I really feel that the future of comics, of so many things, is social media. I get so much of my news on social media (real news, not fake news) and I get a lot of my comics on social media too.

My two favorite sites are Facebook and Instagram. Now that Instagram allows you to swipe through photos, it’s the perfect place for comic strips as you can read them so much more easily now by just swiping through the panels. I like that on both sites fans can easily share your work with their friends, there’s nothing better than recommendations from friends.

Some cartoonists have hundreds of thousands of fans/followers and some even have 1 million or more! That’s my goal.

I have a few accounts on Instagram, I used to post comics on my Tomversation account and I had thousands of fans, which dropped when I stopped posting comics, I basically just put personal things there now, you know, sunsets, travel pictures, art shows and festivals, things like that. I have started a new account for my Tomversation comic panel called Tomversation.toons. That is where I will post my comic daily when I start publishing. Right now I am showing some of the progress and working on building up my fan base.

On my Facebook Tomversation page I have different things now. Mostly links to stories here and other places I’ve published like at Medium and the Huff Post, but I will start publishing comics there daily when ready.

I love the social media aspect because the comics just appear in people’s timelines and are unobtrusive. People don’t have to go looking for the comic online, it just appears along with whatever else they follow on their social media sites.