What’s Comic Con without the cosplay?

Elite Con, a comic convention in Tampa Florida has announced that cosplay is not permitted at their event this weekend. It doesn’t seem to be anything new with them, they said that their market is premium collectors and it’s not a Comic Con like you would see in San Diego or New York. I get it.

But years ago, I left a Comic Con in New Orleans because there wasn’t much cosplay. It wasn’t that cosplay wasn’t permitted, it’s just that people just didn’t dress up, which I found odd for a city like New Orleans.

I enjoy New York Comic Con each year, I’ve never been to the San Diego Comic Con. I love the New York Comic Con because of the cosplay and can’t imagine it without cosplay. I don’t dress up myself, but I love what I see there. It’s all part of the fun. What I love about the New York event too is that it’s October and it’s New York. October in New York and Comic Con, all rolled into one. Perfect.

I look forward to attending again this year. It’s one of my favorite parts of the year. I took these photos a few years ago at New York Comic Con.

Supporting Eaten Fish

In 2013 a 21 year old Iranian cartoonist named Ali arrived in Australia The Australian government put him in a detention camp. He’s been in a detention camp ever since.

Ali cartoons under the name Eaten Fish. Cartoonists, starting in Australia, and now all over the world have been drawing fish cartoons and posting them on social media in the hopes of drawing attention to the detention.

Australia detains people who seek asylum if they arrive by boat. Talk about wet foot, dry foot. Ali is detained on Manus Island. Ali’s health is failing and people all over the world are asking for his freedom.

I have collected some of the EatenFish comics that have been making the rounds.

Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI) writes: “It is with profound alarm and sadness that [we] learn that our friend and colleague, cartoonist Mr. Eaten Fish, currently held in an Australian refugee rendition camp in Papua New Guinea has decided to undertake a hunger strike. He is a man who has given up hope, cannot struggle any longer, cannot face the future that is being forced on him, and he would rather die than submit to the indignities of further inhuman treatment.”

The Australian government has been petitioned many times both from within Australia and internationally asking that Eaten Fish be brought to Australia for medical treatment.

Cartoonists feel that they can bring awareness to the issue with a media campaign by posting images of fish with the hashtags “AddAFish #EatenFish

More in this issue here.

On the whole, I’d like to be cartooning in Hoboken!


Lower Manhattan seen from the Hoboken, NJ waterfront.

I completed a bunch of 10 With Tom interviews with new cartoonists who I admire. They were all gracious and humble. Very nice people. The interviews will be published in the Huffington Post soon and then I’ll link to them here in the Tomversation blog.

I also am ready to start publishing my comic panel, Tomversation, daily. I’m just waiting for the platform to be completed where I’ll publish on that platform along with Facebook.

I’m excited to start doing this daily – drawing comics and writing about them and other art-related things. It’s a nice way to spend the day.

I want to travel more in 2017, I renewed my passport last week. I’m home in Miami now, I do miss New York but not in this snow and cold, I prefer Spring, Summer and Fall up north. I think a lot about Hoboken. I’m imagining being high in a condo, overlooking the Hudson River and New York City, venturing out to a small coffee shop or cafe for lunch, cartooning in between. There is something that draws me to Hoboken. I don’t know what it is.

Interviewing cartoonists

I’m getting ready for daily publication of my Tomversation panel. I am sorry for the delay, I know I was going to start January 1, but along with my daily updates on Facebook, I will start publishing at my old page on GoComics.

Speaking of GoComics, I reached out to a few of the newer cartoonists, whose work I really enjoy and I asked them to do 10 With Tom and they all agreed. And they were all so humble and nice. They have such great talent and such humility to go with it. A nice combo.

I’ll publish the columns in the Huffington Post first and then link to them here all at once so that one post here has them all and you can just link to the original columns in the Huff Post if you care to read them.

When I think about it, the cartoonists are really a very nice crowd. When I interviewed Dilbert’s Scott Adams and Pearls With Swine’s Stephan Pastis, they being the top of the top in the field were still just as nice.

I guess when you’re surrounded by comics and comedy all day, how can you not be in a good mood and be friendly?

GoComics newbies

I’ve taken to reading GoComics again. I had taken a break for a couple of years. I like these newbies that I see there now.


Amanda the Great reminds me of Hark A Vagrant and that genre of webcomic.


Wallace the Brave has a Cul de Sac feel. It’s drawn so greatly and it’s funny.


I love the look and feel of The Sunshine Club. It reminds me so much of the old Eek & Meek comic and now I know why, Howie Schneider, the cartoonist was Eek & Mee’s cartoonist! Eek & Meek were mice and then they turned into people or vice versa, I don’t remember, but I loved reading it. The Sunshine Club is rerun, since Howie passed away a few years back. We used to get it in the Homestead News Leader in Miami.


Next Door Neighbors is clever and I love the drawing style.


It’s not new, it’s old, and that’s what I love about Mutt & Jeff on GoComics.


I like the drawing style and the gags in G-Man Webcomics.