Nature’s Revenge; the reverse of climate change?



I’ve seen in the news that the world seems to be resetting itself. It’s being caused by all of us, or most of us, staying inside, and businesses being closed; they say that climate change is reversing. Caronva virus is stopping climate change in its tracks!

The canals in Venice are clear; China is seeing lots less smog, a Stanford University study says between 50,000 and 75,000 lives are being saved due to the breathing of clean air.

Is nature, God, saying, “Enough!” Stop and reset! I think so. We are being forced to stop and slow down, to think, to meditate, to let nature breathe.

From an article in Counter Punch: “UN climate experts say humanity has about a decade to prevent ‘irreversible damage’ to the world from the monster of anthropogenic climate. Ten years is the time we need to, at least, limit the chaos of climate change.”

Is this pandemic Mother Nature giving us the extra time we need to fix the climate change problem? Pesticides are not being used these days due to the complete stop of everything; factories are not spewing poisonous smoke, people are not driving much so there is not much fossil fuel being used; all due to the caronavirus.

Researchers say that more diseases like the caronavirus are on the way due to encroachment on wild habitats and over population, so unless changes are made, this will be an ongoing nightmare.

The Counter Punch article ends with this: “Meanwhile, the coronavirus has eclipsed climate change and everything else in America and the world. Yes, people are dying and the shutting down of the country has merits. But unless we connect the virus with the horrors of climate change and the anthropogenic impoverishment of the planet, we imperil ourselves and this beautiful Mother Earth, Mother to All.

Is this proof enough to stubborn politicians who don’t believe climate change is man made?

Celebrating the King Mango Strut

We have a parade in our little village each year called the King Mango Strut. The last Sunday of each year the town comes out and we parody everything that’s gone on during the year – local things, politics, etc. I write the daily news for our town called the Coconut Grove Grapevine, and nine years ago, the Grapevine was one of the things parodied as the “Gripevine” – since people always felt we were constantly griping about things, here’s a little of that here.

Anyway, here is some of this past Sunday’s 37th annual King Mango Strut.

March for Our Lives

marchDid you watch the March For Our Lives event on Saturday? I’m sure you couldn’t miss it, there were demonstrations in 800 cites around the world. The largest of course was the Washington DC event.

If you watched, then you saw our new leaders. I don’t mean future leaders, I mean our leaders today, this is them! And you know what? I’m ready to be lead.

enoughThey say that the 1940s is the “Greatest Generation,” but I do believe that they have met their match. Today’s up-and-coming generation are people to be proud of. They are all inclusive, they are smart and they are determined. They are fighting for their lives. Literally.

It took these young adults to do what a handful of our leaders cannot or will not do. To listen to these 16 and 17-year-old speak and even 11-year-olds, was amazing and encouraging.

These kids are inclusive of everyone, they are making American Great Again. They are making America the way they want America to be.

Changes are coming and for the first time in a long time I am hopeful, very hopeful about our future.