Getting inspiration at Boston Harbor

I spent a drizzly morning at Boston Harbor the other day and I got inspiration for my new comic called “Hal and High Water,” which takes place in and around the water.

That’s the comic I told you about sending in to the syndicates. Well, I sent the comic in to the five main syndicates – all on 11/11 at 11:11 am, as I said I would. But maybe that wasn’t so special because I already got one rejection back in less than a week! That’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten a rejection, usually it takes a month or more.

This is the syndicate, where I am sure the acquisitions editor hates me because of our meeting that time. I swear she just sees my name and rejects the work without even looking at it.

To be honest, I want and I don’t want syndication. The only reason I want it is because overnight I’ll receive thousands of readers. But in all reality, this is the digital age of art, music and everything else, where you do your own thing without syndicates and agents. And that is the best way. So I am torn.

I do have the other four syndicates in the wings, let’s see what they say.

This new strip, “Hal and High Water” really is some of my best work ever. I simplified the art, since that seems to be the thing these days and I enjoy the characters, I don’t get bored with them as I have with other strips in the past.

I guess we’ll just let this play out and see how it goes, but in the end, “Hal and High Water” will see the light of day and I’ll get an audience that appreciates it.

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